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find their way in web3
Zaab helps companies adapt to web3 consumers by implementing strategic marketing strategies that establishes a strong community connection.
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— Digital art by Mo Eid
Understand your customers and turn them into fans
Developing a customer persona gives you insight into what your ideal buyer looks like. Focus your time and budget on finding and adapting your strategy to qualified leads that fit your business.
— Digital art by Mo Eid
Laying the foundation with a plan of approach and strategy is where great seperates the good.
Building a persona of a company’s ideal customer or client is essential to market effectively.
Web3 is continuously changing and to avoid being outcompeted - a streamlined brand is beneficial.
Kicking things off and coordinating efforts to reach company goals and customer expectations.
— Digital art by Mo Eid
Reduce retention with streamlined communication
Having a clear content structure and communication strategy reduces user retention on social media, website, and other platforms. Don't hide important content, make it accessible and easy to find.